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TML Mowing

Category: Business, Website

About the project

This website was built on the WordPress platform using and “off the shelf” WordPress theme that has been fully customized to meet the client’s need. This technique greatly speeds the development process and is perfect for a client on a tight budget.

About the client

TML Mowing Company was started in 1983 when Tom Lyons bought his first Snapper lawnmower and an old Plymouth Volare station wagon. Now, with a clientele of longtime satisfied customers, TML offers a full range of lawn maintenance services. TML primarily serves the Chicago southside and southern suburban communities. TML has made it quick and easy to start service with no binding contracts. THey simply strive to keep your business by consistently providing quality work that makes your property the standard of excellence in your community.


We are so proud of our website. Muhr Design has single-handedly revitalized our business with an awesome website that continues to generate a steady flow of serious inquiries, plus all the mechanisms to turn these into ‘money down’ contracts. Additionally, we have experienced excellent ongoing tech service for problem solving and updates. Thank you Dave!

Tom Lyons, owner

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