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The Bella Portal

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About the project

The Bella Portal site is a hybrid WordPress website. Using an “off the shelf” WordPress theme and then customizing it to meet the clients needs. A perfect solution for clients on a tight budget.

About the client

The Bella Portal band is the brainchild and vision of Los Angeles-based musician and songwriter, Chas. “Chip” Moreland. “Post Modern Man,” the band’s debut record on JamCat Records, immortalizes Moreland’s “coming out.” The Bella Portal was formed shortly after Moreland’s twin daughters were born. Moreland, who is married to singer songwriter and Blue Élan artist, Cindy Alexander, began to get restless, musically speaking that is. “I’d been working behind the scenes for most of my career since Altered State. Between various collaborations, supporting Cindy’s career, and touring off and on in later years with Dread Zeppelin, I felt it was time to do “me,” to finally come clean musically and put something out there solely reflective of who I am as an artist.” While the influences of Fagen and Becker are clearly prominent, TBP’s musical style has also drawn comparisons to writers Difford and Tilbrook (Squeeze), Brian Wilson (Beach Boys) and Joe Jackson, to name a few.

In TBC, Moreland moves from behind the kit to handle most of the keys and the lead vocals, while Edwards shares studio duties on bass, drums and background vocals. Like the Dan, the band is replete with various studio assassins to round out the offering. The result is a listening experience with less saccharin, a few more calories, and a touch more complexity to give the listener something the ear can chew on and the mind can devour.


Muhr Design played an essential, if not crucial, role in getting The Bella Portal website off the ground and in to the the public domain. Dave made it nearly turn key for the band by helping us turn our vision into something stylistically pleasing and modern.  From our website to our CD artwork, Muhr Design was a one stop shop allowing us to focus on what we do rather than hassling with the technical details.

Chip Moreland, musician

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