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Roan Yellowthorn

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About the project

The Roan Yellowthorn website is built on the WordPress platform, using an “off the shelf” WordPress theme that has been customized to meet their needs. The site integrates their BandsInTown tour date information and their Instagram feed. Roan Yellowthorn needed a site that captured their concept and played off the look of the CD packaging for their record. It was important to have a music player to showcase their music and a blogging section that connects them with their fans.

About the client

Roan Yellowthorn is Jackie McLean. Supported by producer and multi-instrumentalist Shawn Strack, she delivers ethereal indie rock songs with a singer/songwriter heart. Listeners find themselves singing-along to the catchy melodies while simultaneously becoming immersed in the story behind each song. With her arresting sound, innovative process, and undeniable talent, Roan Yellowthorn is poised to be one of the most compelling acts of her generation. With tendrils in pop, rock, indie, and folk, her music is at once familiar and like no other music today. They recorded ‘Indigo,’ her first full-length album in Summer of 2017. The following Spring, Roan Yellowthorn caught the attention of Kirk Pasich, President of Blue Élan Records. With influences ranging from Angel Olsen to ABBA to The National, ‘Indigo’ was released in fall of 2018 on Blue Élan Records.

As for the name, Roan Yellowthorn was the alternative name Jackie created for herself in college, with the intention of making it a permanent moniker. ‘I wanted to create something whimsical, nature-based, and reflective of my true soul.’ It was intended to differentiate her from her given name (her father is singer/songwriter Don McLean). ‘I felt I needed to have my own space, a safe space that I could create and explore inside of. Coming up with my own name was a way to give myself that space.’ The name didn’t stick in college, but when Jackie started writing songs and wanted a pseudonym to create and perform under, there it was, the name she’d crafted in college. This time, it stuck.


Working with Dave Muhr was a dream come true. He expertly translated our mental images into a beautiful, functional, and unique website that perfectly mirrored the vibe for our work. We have worked with him to create album art for two records and both of them were so beautiful in the final product that it almost brought tears to my eyes! I recommend Dave wholeheartedly to everyone looking for a really smooth, artistic, and professional experience. Thank you Dave!

Jackie MacLean, singer / songwriter

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