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Kinamed Incorporated

Category: Business, Website

About the project

The Kinamed Inc. site is built on the WordPress platform. After supplying the client with various design ideas one was finally settled on. The winning design was first built in Photoshop and then it was programmed as a custom WordPress theme. The design was by created by Catherine Reisen and programmed by Dave Muhr.

About the client

Established in 1987, Kinamed designs and manufactures implantables and instruments for the orthopedics, cardiothoracic and neurosurgery specialties. Kinamed manufactures and sells the following devices: CarboJet® CO2 Bone Preparation system – a revolutionary device for cleaning and preparing bone surfaces for orthopedic procedures; SuperCable® Iso-Elastic™ Cerclage system – a revolutionary polymer-based cerclage system designed to solve many of the inherent problems of traditional monofilament wire and cabling systems. KineMatch® Patello-Femoral Replacement – a unicompartmental joint replacement designed specifically for the small but challenging group of patients with isolated, end-stage patello-femoral disease. MD3T® Multi-Directional Tibial Tubercle Transfer – A system for reliable, reproducible tibial tubercle transfer.

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