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Heartwood Center

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About the project

This website was built on the WordPress platform using and “off the shelf” WordPress theme that has been fully customized to meet the client’s need. This technique greatly speeds the development process and is perfect for a client on a tight budget. This site needed a very complex class/event calendar that integrates all of Heartwood’s practitioners and teachers. Each practitioner and teacher has their own bio gets integrated within the event calendar and event schedule.

About the client

Founded in Evanston, Illinois, in 1999, Heartwood Center opened its doors in downtown Evanston with a community of twelve healing professionals.  Since then, our center has grown into a new location with more than twice the space and more than forty practitioners and teachers. We offer a wide array of therapies and classes to provide a truly integrative approach to health.

Heartwood was conceived by founder Nancy Floy as a membership organization where practitioners could work together in a collaborative environment as they grew their practices. Sharing resources and supporting one another to increase business for all exemplifies Heartwood’s vision of an interdependent network of health and wellness specialists.

Heartwood is a community-based center committed to providing exceptional holistic health services in Evanston and the greater Chicagoland area. We provide a supportive and peaceful place for practitioners and teachers to grow their businesses; they in turn foster balance and harmony in the patients,clients and students who walk through our doors. We believe in an integrative approach to health that encompasses mind, body and spirit.

Heartwood has worked with Muhr Design since 2013 with all of our website design and development needs. Not only is Dave incredibly knowledgeable, efficient and capable in his field, he is also a very approachable, kind and down-to-earth person. Whenever we experience the occasional technical glitch or require his assistance in updating our systems, he’s always prompt and available for us. He’s well-versed, with years of experience, and it shows! But most importantly, Dave is very dependable, and that’s a trait that makes him very unique and special. We highly recommend Dave for any website design, development and maintenance you may need!

Christina Giordano, marketing manager

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