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Gott Healthy

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About the project

This website was built on the WordPress platform using and “off the shelf” WordPress theme that has been fully customized to meet the client’s need. This technique greatly speeds the development process and is perfect for a client on a tight budget.

About the client

Allyson Gottfried is a fitness coach and an integrative nutrition, holistic wellness and lifestyle coach. For over 15 years,she’s made it her mission to help her clients, family, friends, and community live more connected, healthier and happier lives. As a former singer, dancer and entertainer, Allyson conditioned myself through fitness. Exercise not only kept her looking fit, but it made her stronger and gave her the confidence she needed when she set out on stage. Allyson started teaching group fitness classes as a teenager for fun and before she knew it, she was certified in various programs (kick-boxing, Pilates, sports-specific training, peri-natal fitness, fitness for kids) and shortly after had a full fledged personal fitness coaching business. She found passion in working with every day people who wanted to be healthier in mind, body and spirit. They wanted to reach goals of losing weight, re-shaping, feeling great in their clothes or stronger when lifting their kids. They were in it for the long haul with building stamina, gaining flexibility, coordination and balance.

Allyson dedicated her life to food and nutrition, drawing the connection between our ailments and our diets. After gaining a holistic education, she started creating bio-individual nutritional programs for her clients. That means, choosing the right foods for the clients’ unique body. Everyone is different. The goal is to find the right diet that will help aid their ailments, prevent illness and nourish their health and lifestyle. You could say ‘we are what we eat’. Indeed, she believes that. Allyson not only believes we are what we eat, but also what we think, what we say, how we live, where we live…Our entire lifestyle and the energy we create everyday plays an integral part to our overall wellbeing and happiness. She’s also a big fan of community. She knows together we are so powerful. Health and happiness are contagious.

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