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Challenger’s Field

Category: Charity, eCommerce, Website

About the project

This website was built on the WordPress platform using and “off the shelf” WordPress theme that has been fully customized to meet the client’s need. This technique greatly speeds the development process and is perfect for a client on a tight budget. This site was originally launched as a fund raising tool in order to have the field built. The field was opened in 2014 and continues to be a place for individuals with physical or intellectual disabilities to play baseball.

About the client

Challenger’s Field was built to address the challenge of playing on a traditional field. The field was built in 2014 as a baseball field for individuals with physical or intellectual disabilities. This new field provides a rubber safety surface that helps those who use crutches, a cane, a walker, a wheelchair or have an unsteady gait, to play baseball safely. There are no raised bases, uneven surfaces, raised mounds…the field is one smooth, continuous rubber playing surface.


We wanted a profession website which was easy to navigate for the average internet user to help us promote our project to build a wheelchair accessible baseball field for our Special Needs Community. Muhr Design hit a home run for us with his website design allowing visitors to review our project and donate online if they wanted to join us in our journey. The website was instrumental in allowing us to achieve our goal of building and opening the field for summer play.

Denis Murphy, director of Tinley Park Bobcat Challengers Special Needs Baseball Program

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